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Step-by-Step Guide

How does this work?

Through modifying the "natural language sentence" on our home page, you can refine your search through the myTomorrows database. Just adjust the 3 inputs to match your situation:

  • Patient/Medical Expert: Choose the appropriate user type to get information that is meant for specifically for you
  • Location: Update the location to receive results close to you
  • Disease: Enter the disease that you are looking for treatment options on

Step 1 - Indicate how you’re using the search

Choose if you are a "patient" or a "medical expert" to receive information that is meant specifically for you.


Step 2 - Specify your location

In case there is no location shown or if the city displayed as default is not in proximity to where you are living, please click on "location" to change this.


Start typing the name of the city closest to you. Our database gives you suggestions, select your correct location from the names shown below.


Step 3 - Specify your medical condition

Click on the example diseases shown to change this to the condition relevant to you.


Now start typing the name of your diagnosed medical condition. Our database of medical terms will automatically suggest different medical conditions related to what condition you entered. Please select the suggestion that is closest to your diagnosis.


The search results will improve the more specific information you can provide. Narrow down your medical condition by selecting the most relevant sub-indication (if needed and/or found in our database).


Once you have narrowed down the specific disease you have been diagnosed with, please continue by clicking the “Select” button.


Almost done! - Verify your information

Check if all the information you entered is correct. Then click the “Find options” button to start searching through our database for treatment options within Clinical Trials and Early Access Programs.

If you are having any issues using the system, or if you simply have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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